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10 App Recommendations from the Proteams Team

Find out which apps the Proteams Information Technologies team use, like and recommend across a range of categories

In this blogpost you'll find a range of app suggestions across transport, music, business, and more that are used by the Proteams team, and come highly recommended.

1. CityMapper

CityMapper is a public transit and mapping app that displays transport options, usually with live timing, between any two locations in a supported city, of which there are 58. It integrates data for all urban modes of transport, including walking, cycling and driving, in addition to public transport. Even more, the app has thousands of five star reviews and has more features that make it more user-friendly than other competing map services, such as the option to share you trip with other people, travelling offline, and personalisation options, such as selecting your home and work address. CityMapper is perfect for urban travellers.

2. Slack

The Slack app allows its users to collaborate with their team when away from the desktop, it is a multipurpose business communication platform that brings communication and collaboration together. Further than communication, Slack allows for its users to share and edit documents, as well as integration with the tools and services that your team already use, with easy to use search functions that let you look back at past conversations. Slack is used within the Proteams team and comes highly recommended by us!

3. Trainline

Trainline is so much more than a convenient platform to book and schedule your train nd coach journeys, the app covers almost all of the train service providers in the uk as well as number of European lines. Further, the apps allows users to compare their travel options from 220 rail and coach companies, with multiple payment currencies and methods available. The app also offers a number of discount options like GroupSave, which can save travellers up to 34% on their journeys, as well as giving travellers a easy route of getting a refund for cancelled journeys.

4. Spotify

Spotify has been the number one music app in Apple's App Store for some time, and for good reason, the app had reported having over 50 million songs in 2020, and said that around 40,000 are added each day, as well as millions of podcast titles. There is both a free and paid option for the app (with or without ads), as well as a discounted option for students. The app can be downloaded to almost any device, and also has categories and playlists for users to listen to based on location, era, genre, a particular song or any public playlists made by users, you can also collaborate with friends to make a playlist! There as so many features that come with Spotify it is definitely worth a try and will likely become your go-to music app.

5. Adobe Acrobat Pro

If you need to work with documents on the go, Adobe Acrobat is a great option, and has multiple payment levels to suit your needs. It hosts a number of tools that allow users to convert, edit & sign PDFs. Further, you can Split a PDF, Convert PDF to JPG image, Compress PDFs, Edit PDFs, Sync your signature, Share & Sign, Rearrange pages in a PDF, and so much more.

6. Linkedin

LinkedIn has developed passed being a business and employment-oriented online service, while allows users to engage in professional networking, and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs, the app has provided a space for a professional version of social media where you are able to keep up to date with business trends, news and you professional peers.

7. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a free photo and video storage option offering 5GB for photos and videos, but unlimited storage for Prime Members, the apps available on almost any smart device and has a host of features, such as searching, where the app will automatically organise the pictures. It also offers secure online backup for all photos and videos.

8. Whatsapp

While WhatsApp has come under fire for some time it is undeniable that the amount of people using it as their main communication app makes it the most convenient method, with host of features WhatsApp is the go-to messaging app for most people, especially in the UK.

9. Financial Times

The Financial Times app has made such a difference to the experience of reading news on the go, while it is unneeded to mention the quality of the content, writing and data available, the app has an easy navigation system and UX, as well as hardly features that are ideal for users on-the-go, such as automatic downloads, to enable offline edition reading.

10. Wix App

The Wix App is a great place to continue working while you're out and about, or if you dont have your laptop, but further it is a great place for users to connect with companies and topics they're interested in, get involved with Blog Posts and forums and so much more, dont forget to Follow Proteams IT if you do download the app!

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