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12 Best Apps for Small Businesses 2021

As a small business, you may be finding it difficult to navigate your activities, especially during the trying times of 2020/1. But in this Proteams blog post we have compiled a list of 12 apps that will be more than beneficial to small businesses, these apps have been chosen based on their usability (found from reviews), value for money and price point, and how well they work for and interact with small and medium businesses.

We know that as a small business, you don’t always have time to sit down at your desktop, but these apps allow you to work on your business flexibly, on the go, and at your own pace. These apps cover the most important areas of your activities, but time should be taken to reflect on your personal business needs, and perhaps what processes could be made easier or simpler, by using one of these apps.

Best apps for...

Time Tracking

1. Toggl

Toggl can track where and on what you spend your time, and produces easy to read graphs, timesheets as well as being able to sync outputs with other project management apps. Toggl is free for up to 5 users, but the free version does not show billable rates, sub-projects, and a number of other features, so if you have a larger team or need these extra features, the cost is $5 per user, per month.

2. Eternity Time Log

If you are in the initial stages of running your business, you will want to ensure you manage your own time as efficiently as possible, Eternity time log, although serving as a more personal time tracking app, breaks your day up into three sections; work, play and sleep and further, can run times, review logs, and provide reports. The normal version is free but going pro will cost $14.99.

Project Management

3. Asana

Asana is a well-known project management solution, it places focus on productivity and tracking and provides features to allow for these points. Asana comes with the option to create to-do lists and gives reminders based on due dates, it also allows you to add colleagues and instructions as well as a number of other features.

Asana offers a free basic tier, with limited users, dashboards, and functionality, whereas the premium tier is £9.49 per user per month.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a widely known and used project management app, it comes with a range of features including; project chats, file attachments, checklists, progress tracking. It is perfect for a team that doesn’t have time to learn the ins and outs of a PM system, but the system doesn’t provide advanced reporting.

Basecamp costs vary, it can range from $24 a month for 15 projects to $150 for unlimited projects, but the number of users is always unlimited.


5. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is so widely appreciated that accountants use it, its easy to navigate interface, easy of sending invoices, balances, approving estimates, and integration with a huge range of payment services makes it more than desirable to small and medium businesses.

QuickBooks starts from £12 a month and includes all of the basic accounting tools, whereas more advanced versions go up to £30 and include more features that make accounting duties a little more pain-free such as bill payment scheduling, inventory tracking, and much more.

6. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a widely popular cloud-based accounting software for a reason, it is designed for small business owners specifically and offers a range of features including expense and time tracking, business reports, invoicing, and more. The system even integrates with a number of payment services and so automatically enters business expenses or sales.

If you are just starting up, the Lite Plan will allow you to enter up to 5 clients but comes with fewer features than the other, there are two other plans which can take you from 5 to over 500 clients and range from £4.50 to £15.00 a month. The site often has promotional deals on its pricing plans too.


7. Paypal

This payment app needs no introduction, the reason for which is that customers and businesses opt for PayPal as a payment method because of how easy it is, how far it can be integrated and there are no monthly fees for the small business version. Although transaction fees vary based on the volume of sales, it is extremely affordable.

CRM Marketing and Sales

8. Streak

Streak organizes your customer by the stage of your relationship with them, and keeps track of this relationship, integrating with both Gmail and Google Apps, you can instantly view previous communications with that client within streak. Streak’s basic services are free, but more advanced plans go up to $99.

9. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot provides a huge range of features and tools for social media, marketing, content management, and sales, for example by providing a toolkit to improve conversions, split testing, as well as being able to integrate with a number of platforms; Microsoft Office, G Suite and more.

HubSpot has a free tier but paid plans rage from £50 to £800 a month for a range of additional features. Although individually the features are not the best on the market, the range and amount of tools that the app provides are what makes HubSpot so attractive for its users.

10. Nimble

If your small business uses or relies on social media, Nimble is most likely the best choice of CRM, it integrates with your contacts’ social profiles and updates itself so you don’t have to, it also takes data from Gmail, Outlook and a number of other platforms to analyze shared interests and update customer relationship patterns. The app also recognizes key relationships based on interactions, enabling it to highlight future opportunities.

Nimble offers a free trial but pricing starts at $19 per month.

Call System

11. RingCentral

RingCentral is another of the 'standalones' in its category simply because of how well it integrates with small and medium businesses, it is extremely easy to set up, and you can start using it almost immediately. This phone system is cloud-based and is built around business services, it can be used on almost any device with any browser and comes with a range of useful features.

Pricing is extremely reasonable ranging from £7.99 per month to £19.99 a month based on the number of users and advanced features.


12. Microsoft Office 365

Despite the harsh competition, Microsoft’s 365 remains the leading suite for small and medium business owners, there is not only the downloadable software package but the online and app versions of the software are much more convenient for on the go and multi-device usage, especially because everything is run and stored on the cloud. There is a huge range of apps on offer that can help across many different business functions, choosing which is best for your company is a matter of personal choice.

The prices vary widely based on the number of users and payment type (month or year), starting from £5.99 and ranging up to £70.99.

At Proteams we have an extensive portfolio of software development projects and put this experience towards helping businesses achieve their targets with the right technological capabilities. Visit Proteams.co.uk to find out more about how Proteams can bring quality software platforms to transform your business.

Great apps start with Proteams.

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