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An App That HELPS to Protect Your Online Privacy? All About Jumbo

You may have heard of Jumbo recently as it is becoming more popular amongst people who are growing increasingly concerned with their online privacy, as more and more online user platforms are adopting personal tracking and new privacy policies in order to gain more user data. The app has been vetted and reviewed by cybersecurity experts and companies, as a result Jumbo has received glowing ratings! The app was launched April of 2019 but raised a well deserved $8 million in Series A funding from investors including Mark Zuckerberg's former mentor Roger McNamee in June of last year.

It's likely that you have at least once reviewed your privacy settings in an attempt to remove your personal information, or edited the settings when you enter a website, but as policies get updated and every 500 pages of the terms agreement is diluted with legalese, it can be hard, or rather impossible to truly know what of your information is out there, and its likely that with every day you spend online, at least some of your data is being shared or saved. If you are someone that simply doesn't have the time to spend hours each day scrubbing through the barriers, a new privacy app, Jumbo has been released that makes it simple, easy and automatic.

The app helps to find hacked information, see what data google has for you and gives instant data breach alerts, it has been rated as the number 1 privacy and security app and for good reason, with gleaming reviews from Apple itself as well as a host of large reporters, as it provides secure log in codes, 24/7 personal data monitoring and allows you to block trackers, or even delete social media posts! Jumbo states the around 16 billion data records were breached in 2020 alone, and offers users to check if their personal information has been compromised.

"Unfortunately, every day it feels like there is a new story about our personal data being compromised. But the good news is that people increasingly care about protecting their privacy. In fact, I believe privacy is a human right. But our privacy can only be protected when great tools are designed with people in mind, and make this complex issue as simple as tapping a button. That’s what why we built Jumbo." - Pierre Valade, CEO of Jumbo

How does Jumbo work?

Once the Jumbo app is downloaded onto your phone it can connect with many of the apps and services you use such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Alexa, Dropbox, and any a host of other platforms. Once you give the app permission to scan those services and accounts, Jumbo searches for any vulnerabilities, as well as providing insight into any data breaches associated with your email address. For Facebook, Jumbo locates every setting that could pose a privacy issue such as your personal information about where you work, relationship status, likes, and searches, and makes similar suggestions for other social media platforms too.

At the moment Jumbo offers three levels of protection and privacy, the first is free, and is the most basic package available, the 'Plus' level allows you to delete what apps know about you, detect data breaches on the dark web, and stay protected in the background, and you can pay what you think is fair - between £3.99 and £8.99, the 'Pro' level is the best level of protection and offers monitoring of Credit Cards, ID and Passport on the Dark Web, prevents tracking on your phone, monitors WIFI security, secures your LinkedIn account and includes all of the previous features and you can choose to pay between £9.99 and £15.49 a month - a small price to pay for the level of online privacy you receive in return!

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