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Apple Glass Leaks; and Other Potential Releases

There has always been much speculation on the yearly releases of Apple products, but more recently there has been a huge amount of excitement and rumours surrounding the release of a new product, Apple Glass. While many apple users have tried to suggest what the new product might entail, there are some more able speculators who are able to more accurately predict and give educated guesses on what the release could entail, and when it might be.

One of the most notable sources of Apple products and top Apple insider is Ming-Chi Kuo, TF Securities analyst, he is well known for well predicted Apple 'leaks' and accurately reports on almost every Apple release, before they come out.

He said earlier this month that Apple is reportedly working on an Augmented Reality device, but did not give much detail, but his main report focused on a suspected release of Apple Glass, suspected to be released this year, despite previous exceptions for 2022 release late, a suggestion concurred by another popular Tech Product speculator, Jon Prosser. The product is expected to very much incorporate augmented reality into its design, overlaying computer generated images into your view directly, such as time, calendar or weather. The information displayed will likely come from your iPhone.

As well as speculating on the potential launch date of Apple Glass, Prosser also suggested a potential price range for the one-of-a-kind product, noting that it could retail starting from around $499, with the price increasing dependant on the additional features and materials used, as well as the glass being normal or with prescription lenses. Other reports suggest that the prototype of the product has passed its first phase of production and development and is now onto phase two.

"Apple is about to enter the second phase of its AR glasses prototype development... according to industry sources." - Digitimes

Unfortunately no reports go into detail regarding what this second phase represents or entails, nor how many phases are expected to go underway for the new product. Although this information does give users hope that "Apple Glass" is progressing and is leading up to a commercial release, hopefully this year.

Other rumour reports suggest other gadgets may be released this year, amongst them is talk of a product known as "AirTags" which are long rumoured for a release, and expected to come out this year. They work similarly to 'tile tags' and act as trackers that you can attach to items, such as luggage, keys, etc, and you'll be able to track them using an iPhone app, much like the 'FindMy' app.

Other gadgets that Kuo suspects to be released this year are a bit more predictable, such as a new 12.9" iPad Pro. But more excitingly Apple will begin to start fitting its new Mac products with with its own Apple Silicon chips, a move away from dependency on Intel. Its also likely that Apple will release a new version of AirPods, that may rival those released by competitors as discussed in a previous blog post about CES.

There have also been rumours of a more game like AR device, fully immersive, which is suspected to be released in 2022, but many comment that this could be confused with the Apple Glass product, because of the amount of rumours that spread about an AR product last year in 2020.

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