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Apps that Want to Save You Money

If you're hoping to cut down on recurring payments, build up your savings account, or simply want to see where you can cut down on your outgoings, then take a look at these 5 apps that want to save you money, where you may not have realized you could be saving.

If you try to list all of your regular payments it is highly likely you will miss a few, and also likely you will miss some that you forgot you were paying for! The apps we've listed in this blog post will help to identify all of the recurring payments you make, so you can truly know where your money is going, and if you want to keep spending it there! - even further, some apps can find you better deals for regular payments (like your phone bill), reduce parking ticket costs, and help you set up savings accounts. Overall, you will be able to better manage your money!

1. Truebill

Truebill is a money-tracking and saving app service that analyses different aspects of your finances; like the cost of recurring digital subscriptions. Truebill assists in lowering your bill by accessing your bank accounts and can take what seems to be a confusing list of transactions and simplifies everything for you and gives you a breakdown of your outgoings, changes in your income and expenditure, and which bills you could save money on!

2. Trim

Trim is also a money-saving app that acts as your own personal financial assistant, by linking all of your accounts securely, the app can analyze transactions and provide suggestions on where you can cut back spending. The app then goes to work to find more affordable service providers for car insurance, and the internet, and other services, it can even cancel subscriptions for you. Trim can give text updates on your accounts and gives you the chance to immediately see any automated changes that have been made, making it a great option for self-employed people who are looking for an affordable personalised financial assistant.

3. TrackMySubs

TrackMySubs is an app that does exactly what it says in the name, you can add subscriptions to your account by supplying the billing date, how much you're paying each month, and the name of the subscription you've signed up for.

The app will give you an overview of your outgoings and helps you to organize your expenditure into categories too, like entertainment, insurance, utilities, or whatever is most convenient for you! It's makes seeing your outgoings and their dates easy, and if you can also have the app email you alerts whenever a payment is about to go out. One of the helpful added features helps you to keep track of the free trials you've signed up for, so you don't suddenly get charged when you meant to cancel the service (it's okay, we have all done it!). The straightforward and easy user interface makes this app great if your just getting started on managing your money and it is free for tracking 10 subscriptions or less.

4. DoNotPay

DoNotPay is one of the most impressive apps on this list, it markets itself as "the world's first robot lawyer" because it will help you contest parking tickets, cut through government bureaucracy, cancel digital subscriptions you didn't realize you had, take on issues with customer service reps, and so much more! To work to its full extent, DoNotPay will need to connect to your banking and email accounts, but the app can also use its straightforward chatbot to get information from you, before working on your behalf behind the scenes, including getting the right documents filed or to put the right appeals in. You can also set up temporary phone numbers, email addresses, and even credit cards to test the app without sharing your real details first. DoNotPay can also help you to surface hidden money you might not realize you had; including refunded bank fees, and more. The user interface within the app is great and easy to use, the app is definitely worth a try!

5. Clarity Money

The free app, Clarity Money, as suggested in the name - clarifies your spending and helps you to cut down on waste, does this by canceling subscriptions you aren't using or ones that you simply don't need. The app goes even further, to look for ways to re-negotiate your bills down to a lower rate, it can also track what you spend to ensure you stay on budget. Plus, it recommends certain credit cards that may fit your lifestyle and credit needs, allowing you to learn how to use credit in a smart way. You can also create a savings account with Clarity Money, after all you'll want somewhere to put all the money you've saved!

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