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Classified; The App that Could Change the Future for Content Creators

The app will allow creators to have their own microapp, a one stop for all of their content.

Content creators are rife in the digital world, people bringing original content to big platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and getting their channels monetized, but does it get the views and loyal consumers that it should?

Ad revenue is a great way to earn a small monthly sum, but videos and channels often get lost in the restrictive and ever-changing algorithm of these larger platforms. A gap in the market? Two lads from Manchester -TV producer Ryan Evans and ex-footballer Lee Hampson- think so and have just finished their first round of investment. Their idea of the app is based around “empowering creators and consumers” says managing director Ryan.

The app will allow creators to have their own microapp, a one stop for all of their content featuring up to 20-minute videos, photos, surveys, polls and a feature which will allow creators to link to external platforms such as Zoom for live classes and demonstrations etc. This will allow for all content to be in the same place rather than across multiple platforms which can make it difficult to monetise content in specific ways. Classified. will allow users to become either a creator or a subscriber, subscribers will sub and pay a subscription fee at a pay monthly rate, starting at a mere two pounds and fifty pence per month. This means creators will get loyal consumers for their content and will allow them to focus all their work into one app, whilst appropriating the price to what they see fit.

“We recognised the struggles that users faced on other platforms such as online abuse, restrictive algorithms, the lack of meaningful interactions and creator’s inability to monetise content efficiently and we decided that we wanted to make a change.” Ryan Evans says.

Another positive to this new creator-centred-app is the fact that online abuse will not be tolerated, often on large platforms comments will either need to be completely disabled or there will almost always be “trolls” or abusive/derogatory comments. The fact that Classified. is a paid subscription service will deter these types of people from flocking to content creators’ pages and will allow for an abuse-free platform, with safety processes unlike other larger sites.

The app will soon be available on Apple and Android devices, and according to Ryan and Lee they are already receiving praise and excitement from a range of sports stars, global brands and celebrities to be able to use the app for their own content.

Director, Lee Hampson says “In the last thirteen months we have been living and breathing Classified. It has been our absolute priority to get this right. The tech-savvy generation of today has very high expectations when it comes to the various social media apps and platforms which is why we’ve been working closely with our developers to ensure the app’s user experience goes above and beyond.”

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