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Essential App Development Terms for Business Owners

The technology sector is brimming with masses of key terms and technical jargon, and the application development field is no exception, as a business owner or manager planning your own app, can seem very intimidating if you're out of the loop.

That's why in this Proteams Blog post, we will be explaining 25 Key App Development terms that you should know!


is simply a set of rules that are followed when problem-solving in the computing field, a developer will take note of all of the steps it took to arrive at the solution.


You may have heard of the term 'agile' because it has become a keyword across the entire technology industry in recent years. The term refers to a way of working that is particularly suited to teams in the tech industry, and consists of 'sprints' that occur every X number of weeks dependant on what is involved, these sprints usually consist of five stages; design, develop, test, deploy, and review.

Adaptive Design

is how an app's layout appears across different devices, in the development phase a number of layouts are created to suit different devices.


or Application Programming Interface can enable two separate programs to interact with one another by allowing developers to create tools or sites that are connected with another.


also known as 'server-side' is what is created to power what the user interacts with, the 'back-end' operations can be broadly split into four categories; the server, the database, the operating system, and the software.

Cross-Platform App

is an app that is created to target more than one platform, e.g. IOS and Android.

Content Management System

a web application designed to allow non-technical personnel to edit or manage content.

Cloud Application Performance Management

allows the relevant personnel to manage and monitor resources that support the application in the public cloud.

Data Structures

is the organization and management of data to allow for easy access and adaptation.


describes all of the activities that have enabled an app to be ready and available for use.


as opposed to the 'back end' as previously mentioned, the front end is what the user sees and interacts with.

Full Stack

interconnected with the concepts and roles of 'front-end' and 'back-end', full-stack developers work across both of these layers plus the additional database layer, they are usually the most experienced among the others.

Mobile Application Development Platform

a development tool that allows the developer to build apps for different mobile platforms.

Mobile Consumer Application Platform

a mobile application development platform for developing consumer apps.

Minimum Viable Product

or MVP, is the most simple version of the product that only includes the most crucial features and not much more.

Native App

is an app that was developed especially for, as is directly compatible with, the target platform.

Operating System

is simply the software that allows a device to run or display an application, e.g. IOS or Android.

Push Notifications

it is very likely you have heard of this term, a push notification is simply a short message that shows at the top of a user's screen when they are not already using the app.


a metric used to describe and measure the size and quality of an image or display screen.

Site Map

a site map can be found on almost any website, it is a brief outline of all of the viewable pages on an app or webpage.


this term refers to any feature that can encourage a user to spend more time on the app.

Test-Driven Development

a development process cycle that relies on the repetition of the same short cycle to create, test, and pass cases.

Target Device Set

the range of devices that are chosen to test the app.

UI Design

User interface design includes all visual elements that the user interacts with, i.e. buttons, scroll boxes, etc.

UX Design

user experience design is all about capturing the optimal flow of events for a user to interact with the app, and the designer assessing and being aware of the usability of the app itself.

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