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Explore the Best Schools in the UK - Schools Guide

Choosing the best school for your child has never been easy, often you have to surf the internet and social media for reviews and forums, as well as conducting a lengthy search across a schools website to find their Ofsted reports and ratings. The Schools Guide puts all of the information a parent or carer can need into one place, with helpful features that make looking for the best school for your young person, easy and enjoyable.

Of course, you are able to navigate the schools closest to you on the interactive map, where you can browse schools near you with colour coded pins that represent the Ofsted rating of the school, so you are able to quickly and easily navigate and narrow down your search. you are also able to see the basic school details, such as name and age range, as well as easy features that direct you to the school website or the number to call to get in touch directly.

After you've found a school in a great location, with the colour coding of your preference, you can look further into all of the basic information, including; the school type, education phase, ousted rating, local authority, religious character, and more, including the statistics of their students.

If you are happy with what you have seen you can choose to add the school to your favourites list by clicking the red heart icon, so you can quickly refer back to its and compare with other schools you liked. Or you might choose to get involved in the forums featured on the app, where you can communicate with other parents and carers about the schools you've found and any advice or tips you wish to share amongst your forum.

You are also able to look further into the schools performance in the 3 major categories; reading, writing and maths with numerical scores and handy written indications that enable you to compare the results to others schools across the country.

The app also allows you to access the different types of ousted reports and inspections, with a feature that lets you download the full PDF of the report, with a handy timeline of what is most recent and indicators of the inspection and assessment types.

The app is available for free in the Google Play store with no hidden charges, Schools Guide has over 100 installs so far and a 4.9/5 rating.

Download Schools Guide today to find your young persons perfect school.

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