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Google Play Will Now Keep You Updated with Trending Apps

Google Play App Store now keeps you updated with what apps are trending, and which apps are going up or down in popularity, this can help users choose between apps in certain categories, in combination with the reviews, as well as staying on top of what is trending.

You can access this feature by opening the Google Play Store app and navigating to the top row of tabs > tapping on top charts > tapping on different charts.

Although this new feature is helpful for those that want to stay updated with what is trending, there is some missing context, which may be updated soon to allow users to see by how much an app is gaining or loosing popularity, as well as how often this is updated.

It was rumoured that Google Play was going to begin experimenting with multiple features for the android App Store, including talk of being able to compare the features of two different apps in the same category. reports of this experimentation came around in October 2020, the 'compare apps' feature now appears at the bottom of an apps preview page and displays other similar apps that users can compare with.

Source; Android Police

Recently Google made the conscious choice to review hundreds of Personal loan apps, and removed numerous reportedly scandalous personal lending apps that were reported either by users or government agencies as being in violation of the User Safety Policy.

These changes have been made amid a huge boost in user spending and interaction with the Google play store over the last year and Christmas period, Sensor Tower recently released a report that showed spending grew 35% globally over December, with spending at $407.6 million on Christmas Day alone.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the App Market which has boosted usage, downloads and spending, making app providers and app markets more conscious of the user experience overall.

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