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Healthcare Apps Changing the Industry

The healthcare industry has seen huge innovation and advancement over the last decade, but even further accessibility for patients in diagnosis and treatment has increased massively, namely attributed to the application of emerging technologies like blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to name just a few. Similar to various other industry verticals, mobile applications are playing a crucial role in the digitalization of the healthcare sector. Healthcare organizations are now readily adopting digital alternatives to providing healthcare services by hiring app development companies to build excellent healthcare applications for their target user base.

Cloud computing has played a pivotal role in the adoption of this new, digital approach, it can provide opportunities for collaboration of data between healthcare providers which helps massively in many apps that increase appointment access by assigning doctors to patients based on current availability. Users who utilize the same cloud network are able to easily transfer data between each other, meaning data can be shared with anybody who needs to see it, allowing for quicker collaboration to provide healthcare solutions. Further, scalability can be increased where the cloud can scale to increase or decrease data storage and traffic depending on the client’s needs, as such, healthcare providers are able to fit their network requirements to match their service demands.

In this blogpost you will find 10 healthcare apps that have modernsied the way patients and healthcare providers recieve and administer advice, diagnoses, and management reccomendations of ailements, today and looking forward.

1. Eyecare Live


EyeCare Live allows gives ophthalmology patients the opportunity to connect with their own eye doctor through the convenience of their smartphone, this app is best fit for patients experiencing common eye conditions, or questions about contact lenses and prescriptions, while it isn't recommended for serious conditions, it makes ophthalmology appointments a lot more accessible for regular patients. First, patients are connected to a doctor where they are asked to document their condition through pictures or videos of the affected eyes, within moments, the doctor is able to see you through high definition video to better understand and help resolve your condition.

2. MySugr


Users of mySugr say that MySugr has transformed their lives for the better, which is in line with the MySugr app tagline; “make diabetes suck less!”. The app allows patients to track their blood sugar, carbs, bolus, and estimated HbA1c all at a glance, by analyzing their data daily (through information the patient has provided), this has allowed patients to have more control over the condition, doctors can also review the data to better treat and advise patients. MySugr has a simple UX and provides its users with challenges and feedback to help them manage and cope with Type 1 and 2 diabetes.

3. Teladoc

General Practice

Teladoc connects patients with relevant board-certified doctors that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the convenience of phone or video appointments, which allows, quick and easy communication with doctors for information, diagnosis, and treatment options, doctors can also prescribe medication and connect with the pharmacy of the patient's choice. Teladoc integrates with the Apple HealthKit to enhance the UX, which enables providers to form a better diagnosis by import the patient’s most recent medical details.

4. Generis


Generis helps people improve their lives and well being by understanding their genes, this healthcare app is incredibly innovative, it provides DNA-based advice across multiple areas of healthcare including fitness recommendations, food and nutrition, as well as supplement recommendations, and much more. The aim of the app is to help users understand their genes while providing safe, accurate, and reasonable steps for the user, according to the creators of Generis, each body burns different sources of energy more efficiently to each other, and each has different bodily responses to workouts by burning more or less energy. Rather than the usual guesswork that we humans go through to find what is right for our bodies, Generis found the formula to make the best-personalized recommendations for users, the app can retrieve data from ancestry sites such as Ancestry.com to collect relevant DNA data.

5. Babylon

General Practise

Babylon’s mission is to make health services accessible and affordable for everyone, globally, with AI designed with a doctor's brain in 'mind' to provide accessible healthcare advice and options for millions from the convenience of a smart device. Babylon works with a broad spectrum of partners to deliver accessible healthcare for all, including employers and insurers, healthcare providers, and National Health Systems. The app currently has existing operations in the US, UK, Canada, Rwanda plus multiple countries across APAC and the Middle East. With more plans in progress with major providers across the US, South America & EMEA we are on the path to achieving our mission. The app is gaining popularity in the UK due to its wonderful interface and easy user experience, there are thousands of doctors across the UK specialising in a number of areas, as well as a virtual doctor assistant that can help to diagnose and advise less serious ailments.

6. Digital Pharmacist


Digital Pharmacist serves all of these functions in one mobile app; it lets users easily communicate with their pharmacists about different medications, medical articles and make refills, and process prescriptions all through the mobile application. The creators' aim is to make medical information more accessible by helping pharmacists go digital, custom applications like this can help pharmacists communicate with their customers while making the prescription fill process more convenient for everyone. While the app does use cloud storage and digital solutions for pharmacies, Digital Pharmacist also builds mobile apps for pharmacies.

7. HelloMD

Specialist Practise

While many healthcare apps mention either general practice or very specific options, it may occur to some readers that someone who wants to have access to a specific area of treatment, or specialists in an exact ailment field may not have access to them, HelloMD resolves this issue by connecting its users with the right certified doctor or surgeon including a range of specialties. The app also provides an alternative for users to seek a second opinion, the app can be an addition to your existing health care plan without chipping away at your healthcare savings account.

8. ClotMD


This ClotMD app is for a niche audience of patients needing anticoagulation medication and connects them with specialist healthcare providers, allowing them to communicate in real-time via the app. As well as acting as a contact source between the patients and the medication providers, the apps holds a range of other features that can help the patient manage their condition such as; Manage INR Levels, Dosing Calculations, Testing Schedules, built-in diet library, dosage levels and schedules, results tracking and share the history with any healthcare professional, as well as offering real-time alerts regarding the testing schedule and other appointments.

9. Visual DX


Diagnoses can be difficult when a doctor isnt available, and going to Google with your symptoms, even when detailed, can provide unrealistic diagnoses. Visual DX provides image verification on the largest database of medical images of different variations of diseases. The app has a collection of more than 35,000 images of patients of different ages, skin types, and other diagnostics categories. Visual DX is available for Desktop, tablets, and smartphone apps; Android & iOS and has categories for eyes, mouth, hair, nails, and genitals. It is extremely useful for medical categories like dermatology, ophthalmology, pathology, radiology, infectious disease, and emergency medicine and is used by medical professionals, with an increased diagnostics accuracy by 120% as claimed by app creators.

10. ACT.md

ACT.md offers several tools to allow healthcare providers to view the complete information of a patient’s requirements, enabling them to manage them accordingly. With use of the app, medical professionals can serve each patient with different parameters in line with their individual needs and work simultaneously with other medical experts across the healthcare sector. ACT.md has many features including; providing personalized healthcare plans, digital storage for medical files and records, HIPAA-compliant secure messages between the healthcare team health tasks and custom reminders, and provides contact information of the relevant care team.

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