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Microsoft Announces Most Noteworthy Update Since 2015

June 24th 2021 is the date the update is set to launch, an exciting time for programmers and users alike.

The first version of the Windows MS-DOS was released in 1985, adding significant updates to each new version. Windows 3.1 was when it became a popular and more sought-after product. Windows 95 brought us the start menu and task bar, whilst Windows 98 brought us the back and forward navigation buttons on Internet Explorer. Various versions and updates were released with Windows XP still remaining the favourite of users and was used for 13 years since its release date in 2001. From the beginning Microsoft have been constantly modernising the OS and have remained the dominant brand for personal computers for a long time. It is the source of around 14% of Microsoft’s total revenue.

In the annual Microsoft build conference for software developers in May, it was announced by CEO Satya Nadella that they will be releasing “one of the most significant updates of Windows of the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators.” This has been a long time coming and will prove to be a huge step for developers who use the Windows OS, as since Windows 10 was released in 2015 they have been providing minor updates twice a year, with no huge changes made. In the virtual conference they have also noted there will be a few cloud products released, such as:

· Blockchain data storage

· A preview of Azure Confidential Ledger: A tool for storing critical data which Microsoft has said is tamper-proof and data cannot be erased or modified.

· Teams customization: Teams was used more and more last year with COVID having people work from home. Microsoft introduced “Together mode” which is a way to view all users in a video call in a group setting and allow them to have the same background. Developers will also be able to access to audio and video feeds, enabling them to build new features into Teams, such as translations and notes.

· One of the most significant products for coders and developers is an AI assistant for writing code, a new way to harness the GPT-3 AI model from the start-up OpenAI from San Francisco.

“Our promise to you is this: We will create more opportunities for every Windows developer today and welcome every creator who is looking for the most innovative, new, open platform to build and distribute and monetize applications.”- Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (during his keynote at the virtual conference)

Microsoft is working towards empowering developers and keeping them satisfied with the operating system, there could possibly be a move to a more optimized OS if they become disinterested with the products they are currently using. Microsoft want to ensure developers are using Azure public cloud over it’s rivals, or they could lose a portion of programmers that are vital to MS.

Not only that, but the user interface is due to change and the aesthetics and look of icons and layout is expected to be renovated and create a new experience for users. Many icons are very much still based on the Windows 95 version and are well known by people around the world. Along with most significant updates, the Windows logo is likely to be modernised and give a shiny new feel for it’s users.

‘Sun Valley’ has been an internal codename for the project and isn’t an official name for the update yet, it could still just be named Windows 11. There are also reports that their app store could be revamped, giving inclusion to more apps to give develops an incentive to want to work with the OS. Possible fixes in standard things such as rearranging apps being an issue on multiple monitors, and one I’ve had issues with before, improved support for Bluetooth audio devices.

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