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New feature “Only You” on Spotify

The newest feature to emerge on the app is called “Only You” and creates six different playlists tailored to users’ listening habits.

Spotify began as a small start-up in 2006 by two friends in Stockholm, Sweden. Now it provides over 70 million songs and around 2 million podcast titles to it’s insane user base of over 356 million across the world, all of whom share a love for music. By having such an overwhelming user base, it is constantly looking for ways to make listening to people’s favourite tracks easier, more accessible and generally a pleasant experience for their customers. They have a variety of memberships available, including free for people to use while connected to the internet- with less benefits than premium users.

The newest feature to emerge on the app is called “Only You” and creates six different playlists tailored to users’ listening habits. Spotify describes this in-app experience by saying it is “all about celebrating how you listen.” Some of the categories which will have a more “personal” feel include: ‘Your Dream Dinner Party’, creates a personalised Spotify Mix dinner party playlist after you select three artists you’d love to have at a dinner party, ‘Your Time Of Day’ tells you which music you listen to most at certain times of the day and ‘Your Artist Pairs’ which will show you contrasting artists you listen to most frequently. This recent update of personalisation has proven to be quite popular, with people expressing how they’ve got it spot on with many users, showing screenshots of songs in their playlists that they feel are perfect for what the playlist is described as.

This is bold move that many music apps are yet to move closer to, with Spotify already dominating the field of following users’ listening habits and setting up playlists automatically. Daily Mixes are an example of that, Daily Mixes 1, 2, 3 and so on create playlists based off of genres and artists that you frequently listen to, and put them together in a complimentary way so you can chose a mix depending on what you feel like listening to. Spotify also has a selection of playlists that are more a random mix of certain genres or years.

Last year they announced they would be releasing a couple of new features to keep users engrossed in the app, such as a karaoke mode which gives rolling lyrics for any song, a car interface mode which allows users to play music by voice activation and free offline listening for 30 minutes for non-premiums customers, which was a bit of a blow to paying customers whose incentive to purchase a subscription was to be able to listen to music offline, but they are able to at any time.

Alongside the new ‘Only You’ extension, there is another feature currently in beta, called ‘Blend’ which will allow friends to merge their playlists and share music to enjoy together, and explore new music through each other. This will update daily and will grow as the listening preferences of each party changes and develops.

In contrast, recently there was patent approved for Spotify to use speech-monitoring software, enabling them to listen and record to daily background noise of users and curate playlists based off of their lives. This wasn’t welcomed too well, as over 180 musicians signed an open letter, taking a stand against this uncalled-for surveillance of it’s users. The like of Downtown boys, Tom Morello and more saying Spotify should “focus on paying it artists and being more transparent about the data they’re already collecting on all of us."

The Spotify CEO Daniel Ek was met with hostility by musicians after he had secured funding to buy Arsenal from the owner, after they were involved in plans to launch a European Super League, with the musicians stating he should fix Spotify’s payment model instead of investing it into a football club.

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