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Snap Inc. is Bringing AR Shopping to Life

Snap inc. has recently bought a company that allows brands to create 3D versions of their products, called Vertebrae

Snap inc. is the parent company of Snapchat, and was formerly named Snapchat inc., before changing the name in 2016 after a rebranding of the company. Snapchat is widely used around the globe and has integrated many AR features already like the face morphing and adding bunny ears to your head, but they know they can widen their market for customers who want to “try on” clothing, footwear and accessories. Snap inc. has recently bought a company that allows brands to create 3D versions of their products, called Vertebrae. The collaboration of these companies will allow for possible digital “trying on” of outfits and could even mean people wouldn’t have to leave the app to add something they like to their basket.

Vertebrae could be the perfect partner for Snapchat in this respect, as it is striving to made immersive AR across all aspects of digital media and will create a whole new shopping experience that is simple and interactive. Vertebrae will still be developing their platform for both new and existing clients, along with their project with Snapchat. Their 50-person team will be working hard to make this AR shopping experience a reality. Snap isn’t willing to disclose how much they spent when buying Vertebrae, but they spent around $500 million when they acquired WaveOptics, and would likely be a similar figure. Vertebrae has raised around $10 million in venture funding, and some clients they’ve done work for include big names such as Adidas and Toyota. Vertebrae has previously worked with Facebook on AR shopping in 2019. Speaking of Facebook, many believe Facebook own Snapchat, but they have reportedly offered $3 billion to acquire Snapchat as their own in 2013, but they refused and remains an independent entity.

“We’re thrilled to join Snap, where we will strengthen and scale our world class 3D asset platform for retailers and brands,” Vertebrae CEO Vince Cacace said in an exclusive statement to The Verge. “The future of AR commerce is bright, and we’ll continue to make it easy for our partners to create, manage, and deploy AR experiences across all customer touch points.”

Snap have been toying with the idea of virtual shopping for a while now and have collaborated with Gucci to allow users to “try on” a pair of limited-edition trainers and has found that users are more likely to make a purchase after having that 3D experience online. Snap’s existing features such as the Fit Analytics and Screenshop, it presents a clearer picture of how this would work out, using the AR technology Vertebrae is already making come to life. Having the ability to scan things in real time and have on your screen to manipulate and resize how you wish, and then purchasing directly from the app create another level of convenience. Not only will it increase shopping habits in an easier way, but it will also be a sound steppingstone for ads to work off, producing targeted ads that are like what you’ve looked at already, and creating an online wardrobe or room with the desired objects.

Glasses that can turn life around you into AR are already in the works from Snap, creating a more accessible virtual world. The future of AR will be AR shopping, and there’s no doubt this will be the start of something truly amazing.

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