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Top 10 UK Start-Ups to Follow in 2021

The UK is Europe’s leading start-up nation, with over 600,000 in London alone the competition is high amongst young companies, who are up against astonishing odds – where around 90% of start-ups fail. Identifying which will succeed is a tough job, but listed below are 10 companies that are backed by knowledgeable investors and the demand of their consumers.

The companies below have been chosen based on their rates of funding, employee growth, technological adaptation, and potential industry resilience in the current global economic climate.

1. Karakuri

SEED | FOUNDED 2018 | £7M FUNDING | FOOD; AI | karakuri.com

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution for Food” Karakuri has a vast range of visions for the future of the food industry, aided by their combination of robotics with AI and machine sensing. Karakuri hopes to reduce food waste, improve choice and quality, and enable healthier eating.

2. Cleo AI

SERIES A | FOUNDED 2015 | £15M FUNDING | ONLINE BANKING | meetcleo.com

A free service aimed at helping people better manage their finances, the AI digital assistant analyses spending patterns after connecting with the users’ bank account/s and categorizes spending. Cleo then uses a chatbot to tell users about spending patterns and has a range of other features.

3. White Hat GB

SERIES A | FOUNDED 2016 | £20M FUNDING | RECRUITMENT | whitehat.org.uk

White Hat takes non-graduate talent and matches then with apprentices that are said to rival the education provided at elite universities. The organization prides itself on being a ‘talent accelerator’ aimed at creating a diverse group of future leaders.

4. Zencargo

SERIES A | FOUNDED 2017 | £24M | LOGISTICS SERVICES | zencargo.com

Zencargo helps businesses save money on logistics costs with digital freight forwarding that drive revenue improvements for businesses. Priding themselves on ‘supercharging’ supply chains, Zencargo works with companies to maximize end-to-end value. With a real-time platform that gives performance improvements and uses predictive analysis to track, optimize and implement every stage of the transport process, Zencargo is an up and coming company to look out for in the logistics industry.

5. Starling Bank

LATE VC | FOUNDED 2017 | £363M FUNDING | ONLINE BANKING | starlingbank.com

With amazing results from funding rounds Starling Bank has been changing personal and business banking for the better, giving users instant notifications, spending habit insights, and cheque depositing straight from mobile. Offering a range of cards all equipped with helpful features linked with their mobile app, Starling is only getting more helpful with new Coronavirus help and support features.

6. Babylon Health


A mobile app that removes the concern about waiting in long queues at the GP, Babylon health makes affordable, timely doctors appointments available at a touch of a button, with both video and telephone calls available. Babylon offers both private and public health services through its platform, but at extremely affordable rates, during the current pandemic, usage has gone up massively as everyone looks towards a COVID-safe virtual alternative to doctor visits.

7. Snyk


Snyk uses a unique combination of developer-first tooling and quality security depth to enable businesses to easily build security into their continuous development process. Supporting some of the largest online sites, Snyk is proving to be a valuable asset in software security empowering fast development and security to be proud of.

8. Moonbug

SERIES A | FOUNDED 2018 | £265M FUNDING | KIDS MEDIA | moonbug.com

In an increasingly concerning world for new parents Moonbug provides a safe and engaging place for children to watch., learn and grow their developing minds. The company aims to create content that is loved by kids and parents alike, to foster a safe environment in the digital world that gives parents peace of mind.

9. Hibob


Hibob is a recruitment platform that aims to make hiring employees less about numbers and resources, but to personalize information and make informed, holistic, data-driven decisions. Hibob is a Human Resource Information System, designed to help manage the growth of companies that maximizes employee experience, streamlines the core HR processes, and solves unique business needs a scale

10. Thriva

SERIES A | FOUNDED 2016 | £11.5M FUNDING | HEALTH & WELLNESS | thriva.co

Thriva offers simple and easy DIY blood tests that help users get insight into their health, the company wants its users to ‘take control’ of their health by providing the world’s first ‘preventative’ health service. Thriva wants to give users a chance to prevent illness or issues by keeping a track of their health, with convenience, ease, and insight.

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