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YouTube introduces new way for fans to tip their favourite creators

Fans are now able to send creators a tip between $2 and $50 and will have their comment highlighted in a live chat

Many YouTube creators will get the majority of their revenue from AdSense and get paid more each time the views on a video go up. Often, creators will spend time and money to make their videos perfect for what they deem their target audience, and fans will watch them religiously. This is where monetization of ads isn’t as personal as directly contributing to the videos and contents fans watch and love. So, YouTube has created a beta version of tipping, where the content creators won’t have to be livestreaming to receive tips/donations. The new feature is called ‘Super Thanks’, and after Tuesday’s announcement they will be rolling it out to already monetized channels across 68 countries. It will be expanding to all eligible YouTube Partners later this year.

For content creators that livestream, they already have ‘Super Chats’ and ‘Super Stickers’ features which is popular amongst fans and creators, whereupon fans are able to send them a tip between $2 and $50 and will have their comment highlighted in the live chat. The new feature ‘Super Thanks’ will allow their viewers to get paid directly from fans on their pre-recorded and uploaded content, no matter how old the video may be. The channel will need to already be monetized to allow for ads and be a YouTube Partner. This is a big help for creators that don’t livestream or that are hesitant to, as their income will purely come from ad revenue, which isn’t huge, and YouTube takes a decent cut from them. The most reliable revenue input will come from their fans, who are often dedicated to a certain channel, no matter how many subscribers or views, all channels have a few super fans. After sending their Super Thanks, they will see an animated GIF on screen and allow them to confirm if they want to make the payment.

YouTube has tested out this feature across a select few channels as some may have seen already, and it was originally dubbed ‘Applause’. Many people on social media such as Twitter often post their PayPal/Venmo/Cashapp links on pinned tweets or in their bio, but Twitter now has a slightly similar feature to YouTube’s new Super Thanks, called Tip Jar, where they place a button next to the ‘Follow’ button and allows viewers of the tweets to donate/tip to their favourite Twitter accounts using a variety of payment methods. There are so many different social media platforms to make money on now, with SnapChat being one of the highest payouts there currently is.

Super Thanks will be the fourth way YouTube creators can earn via their content, alongside their Super Chats, Super Stickers and paid channel memberships. These are known as ‘Paid Digital Goods’ and YouTube takes around 30% of this income. As previously mentioned, there will be four set payments options for fans to choose from, but manually inputting how much they specifically want to send is apparently something YouTube will be looking into, according to a product manager of paid digital goods at YouTube. When in the testing phase there had only been one price point, but creators pointed out their viewers should be able to chose how much they want to give specifically.

Although ad revenue is one of the main earning points from YouTube, it can often be an unreliable source of income, especially when advertisers pull out of having their ad on there after a controversy of some kind, which has happened. The new feature will be a pertinent part of creators’ income, and allows for fans to show their support, livestream or not. It will be available on desktop and mobile devices.

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